Engage 6.5 released


We’re excited to introduce the latest version of Engage: Version 6.5. Let’s explore a few of the most relevant enhancements for developers.

Engage Package: @shopgate/engage

We changed the codebase to simplify the Engage API and reduce overhead in the code files. Instead of having seven different packages that ship our React components and elements, we now provide a single package: @shopgate/engage. This package replaces the PWA-packages as the single source of truth.

It combines the components from

  • @shopgate/pwa-common
  • @shopgate/pwa-ui-shared
  • @shopgate/pwa-ui-material
  • @shopgate/pwa-ui-ios

As well as all elements from

  • @shopgate/pwa-core
  • @shopgate/pwa-common
  • @shopgate/pwa-common-commerce

As a result, developers no longer need to remember which element or component is shipped via which package. You can use one simple import path, as in the following example:

import {
  // Common components
  // iOS style specific components
  // GMD style specific components
} from '@shopgate/engage/components';

// Product related functionality
import {
} from '@shopgate/engage/product';

For more information about how to use the @shopgate/engage package and the new command line, refer to the updated reference documentation.

React Hooks

Another exciting addition we added is support for React Hooks to make it easier to access features and information while developing React components. Previously, you had to write extensive code and utilize Context or connectors to access functions. Now, one simple function call inside the desired React Component gives developers access to all necessary functions. For more information, see the Hooks Reference documentation.


Does your client have a unique barcode scanner case? Use our built-in scanner functionality in the Engage app to scan QR codes and barcodes and apply your custom logic painlessly. To learn how to open and operate the scanner, see the new Shopgate guide on Extending the Built-in Scanner.

Bug fixes

For information on bug fixes in this release, refer to the latest changelog:

Theme GMD: https://github.com/shopgate/theme-gmd/blob/master/CHANGELOG.md

Theme iOS: https://github.com/shopgate/theme-ios11/blob/master/CHANGELOG.md

Author: Florian Mueller, Head of Frontend Development