Documentation Updates


We added several relevant documentation updates this release, including new Guides and comprehensive updates to our Reference documentation.

Extension Review Guidelines

To help your extension review process move as seamlessly as possible, we added a new Frontend Extension Review Guidelines page and improved our Backend Extension Review Guidelines. Check out these guides to ensure you include all the essential elements in your extensions and to learn more about Shopgate best practices.

Translation Support

Shopgate provides translation support designed to enhance your development experience. We added an article describing how to use this translation support. Explore this article to discover how the translation process works, how to use custom extension locales, how to create and declare translations, and how to test your translations.


We are always improving our Reference documentation to help you easily create and implement exceptional extensions. Here are the most recent updates to Reference documentation:

React Components

React Components help you implement standout features. We added a few React components to our references this release. Among these components is the I18n component, which is a set of translation components that converts the provided translation string into translated text. We also included the Link component, which manages different URL types within the Engage app. Finally, the Slider/Swiper component is a mobile touch slider that builds the slider for you. We will continue adding documentation for React components on a regular basis.


Actions help you control your application and data flow. We added documentation for the following Actions this release:

  • Checkout Actions includes fetchCheckoutUrl, which gets the URL to enter checkout.
  • Product Actions includes all product actions, such as fetchProduct and fetchProductProperties.


Shopgate provides Helpers to streamline common tasks. We added documentation for the i18n helper, which is a pure javascript implementation of our translation system.


Portals allow you to customize your app by modifying a Shopgate theme. We added new references for Portals, including Browse and Login-page.


Shopgate supports numerous Routes out of the box to help you smoothly create a rich and comprehensive e-commerce experience. We provide regular documentation updates to facilitate understanding and implementation of these routes. Here are some of the latest updates:

  • Browse offers default search functionality (with barcode scanner) and category list.
  • Cart shows the items the customer has added to the cart.
  • Category contains a list of shop categories and product grids.
  • Category and Search Filter are theme internal routes and must not be linked from the outside.
  • Favorites displays the products the customer has added to their Favorites List.
  • Index Route (Home) and CMS pages are essentially the same type of content that uses a set of Widgets which are configured in the Merchant Area.
  • Item contains all product information.
  • Item Gallery is an internal route and should not be linked from the outside.
  • Item Reviews shows product reviews and enables customers to leave reviews.
  • Item Write Review allows the user to write new reviews for a product and should not be externally linked.
  • Login allows the user to either log in or to create a new account.
  • More offers login/logout functionality, access to pages about the shop, and links to shop custom CMS pages links (if configured).
  • Scanner contains a native app video feed and automatically interrupts video capture when a barcode or QR code is scanned.
  • Search contains search results.


Selectors optimize the performance of your application. New references are now available on the Cart Selectors Page, including getIsFetching, which checks if the cart is currently fetching new data.

We also added the Router Selectors Page, which includes detailed information about all the Router Selectors, such as getRouterStack and getCurrentState.


Streams allow unrelated components, features, and extensions to interact with each other. Here are the latest documentation updates to Streams:

  • Cart Streams provides new detailed information on all Cart Streams triggers, usage, and examples.
  • Cart Favorites includes the following updated Cart Favorites streams (note that the path to the old modules is deprecated and will be removed in Engage V7):
    • addProductToFavoritesDebounced$
    • removeProductFromFavoritesDebounced$
    • errorFavoritesLimit$
    • favoritesWillAddItem$
    • favoritesDidAddItem$
    • favoritesDidRemoveItem$
    • receiveFavorites$
    • refreshFavorites$
    • didRequestFlushFavoritesBuffer$
    • didReceiveFlushFavoritesBuffer$

Author: Shanleigh Wilson, Technical Writer