Merchant API

The Shopgate Merchant API is an interface with which you can access and manage your shop’s orders and items at Shopgate. For instance, you can automatize the order process by retrieving a list of orders via the API, importing it into your shop system and then transmitting changes in the order status to Shopgate. The general functions available through the API are:

  • order list/detail retrieval
  • order status synchronization
  • list of latest mobile agents for mobile device redirect from desktop shop

Accessing the API

The Shopgate Merchant API can be accessed with the HTTP POST method at this URL:

All parameters have to be transmitted as POST parameters. The desired action you want to call has to be declared in the action parameter. action is a mandatory parameter that has to be transmitted with every request. Depending on the action there might be other mandatory or optional parameters. You can view a list of parameters, error codes and examples for each method on the corresponding specification site.

The API always returns a (possibly nested) array in the JSON format. The error field is of particular importance as it indicates whether the request was successful. If the request failed, the fields error (contains an error code, see corresponding action error list) and error_text (contains a description of the error) are returned. In case of success, the error field contains the value of 0.

Shopgate offers a library in PHP offering classes to access the Shopgate Merchant API and to implement the Shopgate Plugin API. You can find more information and download the library here Shopgate Cart Integration SDK.


You have to be authenticated by the Shopgate Merchant API in order to use it. This can be done by entering a combination of customer number, API key and time stamp. The transmission is executed via a secure hash process. You can find information on how to build the authentication manually under Authentication.


To test the Shopgate Merchant API, request a demo at Shopgate.