App Architecture

An application built on the Shopgate CONNECT platform is a progressive web app (PWA) with a UI based on React that runs inside a native wrapper app. Native wrappers are available for iOS and Android so you can easily distribute your app on the Apple App Store or Google Play.

Shopgate provides ready-to-run default themes (the React app) for e-commerce applications. You can modify themes with Shopgate portals, or you can create custom themes that can be modified or completely replaced by custom themes.

The app frontend is based on JavaScript, and the frontend communicates to the native wrapper app through a system of commands and events.

The wrapper app displays a single full-screen web view, which is a browser window without any controls. The wrapper app loads the frontend of your app into the single full-screen web view.

"App Architecture"

To communicate with the native parts of the app, a JavaScript library is injected into the web view. This library is connected to a native library contained in the app’s native code. By calling app commands and listening to events, the frontend can access native functionality, such as camera, brightness, and vibration, and can talk to native SDKs and frameworks.

Both the app frontend and native wrapper also connect to the backend infrastructure. The backend is based on micro-service architecture.


Infrastructure Overview