Infrastructure Overview

The Shopgate CONNECT backend consists of a microservice architecture built with stateless container technology and hosted by Amazon Web Services (AWS). Shopgate CONNECT is optimized for high availability, scalability, and security. The following diagram shows the main components of the request flow.

"Infrastructure Overview"

Incoming requests from the app are load-balanced and served by an application proxy which routes them to one of the available containers dedicated for this particular app. Because you might have custom code running inside these app containers, they are located outside of the trusted zone (which only consists of CONNECT core components) and separated from each other.

Because all containers are stateless for easy scalability, the state of an app is maintained in the Cassandra database. The high-performance Cassandra database technology enables seamless scalability even across regions. The database is highly protected by a token-based authorization mechanism. The app proxy equips every request with an access token based on the current app, user, and session. The access token is passed to the database access layer, which then checks every single database interaction.


Backend Communication