Set Up Local Frontend

Add a Theme to Your Project

To test your frontend locally, you need to have a Shopgate theme in your project. You can either create a theme or check out one of our ready-to-go themes from GitHub.

Using the Default Android Theme

$ cd themes
$ git clone
$ cd theme-gmd
$ npm i
$ cd ../..

Set Up the Frontend Environment

Type sgconnect frontend setup to set up the local frontend environment. For most cases, you can accept the default values for all requested settings. For more information, refer to the Platform SDK guide.

You only need to run the setup step once for every project folder. Later you can omit it.

Start the Frontend Environment

  1. Type sgconnect frontend start to start the frontend environment.
  2. Wait until the integrated Webpack process compiles your theme sources and starts the local development server.
  3. After the compile process finishes, you can access the locally running application by opening the development server URL in your browser: http://{YOUR_LOCAL_IP_ADDRESS}:{PORT}

You should see your application frontend.

Note: The port is set to 8080 by default. If you changed the port during setup, you need to use the new port to access the development server URL.


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